That’s a Wrap!

When writing a blog, it is easy to forget that the story is still midstream even a year later! I last wrote about the first day of a 3 day short tour of the Columbia Gorge Historic Highway trip that Nancie and I rode but I neglected to finish the story. So sorry!

We had an enormously good time especially when the sun came out! Both Nancie and I love to take pictures so we stopped at every opportunity to take in the sights. My husband, Randy, joined us on his bike the last day enjoying the non motorized and  tunnel section of the route.

Look what I found in my shoe at the end of the day!

A stow away!
A stow away!

At the end of the second day, I took my shoe off and found yellow sticky goo on my toe–not pretty. What could it be?! I wasn’t injured. I looked in the toe of my shoe and found a small slug tucked in and very unhappy! Ugh! That was a surprise!

Another lesson learned:  Do not leave your shoes outside the tent overnight especially when it has rained.

It is such a great feeling to pedal all day, enjoying the camaraderie of a friend and to set up camp. The tent is a home away from home. Bike touring was a new experience for Nancie so it was fun to share in this new adventure.

It was a fun filled adventure! I will add a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for going on this journey with me. Every year at this time (January) I think about what touring I hope to do in the summer. This summer (2013) I’m looking at riding the Willamette Valley Bikeway; maybe a McKenzie Pass trip into Sisters from Eugene; possibly a Hood River Fruit Loop Ride. My ultimate goal is riding across America within a few years so all trips point me in that direction as a means to prepare and train. I will write a new blog for that journey.

Flat tire off Highway 84!


Nancie with her camera


Columbia River is beautiful!


We can do it! We are strong!


A great place to eat lunch in Mosier


Nancie enjoying the views.


This is where we ended our journey.

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“Rain, Rain, Go Away…”

We started at the park outside Troutdale

We started at the park outside Troutdale

As a kid I sang the song, Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come again another day. I’m still singing that song!
Yesterday my friend Nancie Thompson and I set out on our 3 day bike tour along the Historic Columbia Highway. We are traveling east and having a blast…well, until we landed in Ainsworth campground. Rain dumped on us soaking everything. I have learned two new strategies for such a time:

1.) Put the rainfly over myself while setting up the tent. This is difficult and marginally successful.
2.) Nancie, watching me struggle, found a covered area near the bathroom where she could put up her tent in a protected space and then walked the tent down to our campsite.

Oh well, both worked. We both slept well dry and warm in the midst of the downpour!

Both of us had such fun taking pictures of the many beautiful natural areas. We stopped every other minute to enjoy the sights. At Vista House we observed three young fellas standing around looking slightly uncomfortable in their white shirts and ties. We engaged them in conversation and found out one of the men was there to get married. The older man of the group said he just got ordained so he could marry the young couple. We wished them well and continued on our way.
The Gorge attracts such an interesting selection of people…all with different agendas, purposes and plans. I truly enjoy discovering those things in people.
Nancie and I will pedal to Viento campground. We are only going about 20 miles a day which is nice. Weather and other conditions are the challenging parts of this journey.
We will end at the museum outside The Dalles. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to upload pictures. It’s been a while since I’ve done this.
Thanks for following me on this journey.

(Terri’s note:  my WordPress application failed so I wasn’t able to upload on the road. So, I am home while I write this but  will write about the other days soon!)


Nancie looks for the perfect photo

Nancie looks for the perfect photo

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Join me for another Lewis and Clark Bike Tour! June 8-10, 2012

My thoughts have been forming as I have peered through my window and the rain this Winter and Spring. Do I want to ride another Lewis and Clark Bike Tour? I had my doubts but I found I did feel a “Yes! I DO want to ride.” However, I knew I didn’t want to ride another 10 day trip. So, I asked myself, “What do I really want to ride?” As I thought about it, the answer came easily:  the Historic Columbia Highway going east! This stretch of road is amazing and fun to ride. It will take me three days of leisurely riding to cover the miles from Lewis & Clark State Park to the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum west of The Dalles.

You see so much on a bike ride!

June 8-10 is the date I have set. I may change my starting point to Portland so I can ride along Marine Drive on the bike path. When the date gets closer, I’ll decide those details. As always, you are invited to join me via blog or by packing up your bike and riding the miles with me.

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To Sum it all Up!


Wilsonville library is that way. Join me!

 What a great opportunity to wrap up this project!

What:  Lewis and Clark Bike Tour Talk

When:  Thursday, August 18

Time:  6:30 pm-8 pm

Where: Wilsonville Public Library—Oak Room

 Join me as I talk about my recent bike tour. Pictures and video slide show of the trip will help tell the story of why I spent 10 days following the historic Lewis & Clark Expedition and how I shared this experience with you and a fourth grade class via my blog, YouTube and Facebook.




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